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Consumer Electronics Solutions Suite-overview

The consumer electronics market has its own distinctive set of supply chain challenges given commoditization of goods, growing influence of retailers, shortened product lifecycles and increased global competition.  While demand for products continues to grow, rising costs threaten to erode profitability.  The key to reducing costs is to drive greater efficiency and integration for processes throughout the end to end global supply chain. .

After many years of developing successful, high-return custom solutions for the consumer electronics market, Miramoson has documented and standardized the best processes, technologies and operating methodologies available and now offers them as part of a comprehensive Consumer Electronics Solutions Suite. This integrated suite is comprised of several “solution packages” that have been optimized to manage a particular supply chain activity common to this vertical market—efficiently and cost-effectively. By combining a set of synergistic core services into a single, easy to deploy, packaged solution, we are reducing the complexity of global supply chain management and helping clients to get products to market faster, with less capital investment and risk.

Available solution packages include:
  • Forward Supply Chain
  • Reverse Supply Chain
  • Go-to-Market
  • Custom Solutions


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